Aitxi Province

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Map of Yamato highlighting Aitxi within Txubu
Capital Nagoya (名古屋市)
Area 2325.67 SI mi²
Establishment Meidji 4, Rocugaçu 9 (July 14, 1871)

Aitxi Province (愛知府, -fu) is located in the Txùbu region of Yamato. Its capital is Nagoya, which is also the capital of Txùbu


What is today Aitxi was originally the three lands of Owali, Micawa and Ho. In the seventh century, Ho was merged with Micawa. Owali land was the home of Oda Nobunaga and Hideyoxi Toyotomi, while Micawa was the original han (fiefdom) of Tocugawa Ieyasu. In 1871, with the abolition of the han system and the establishment of the provinces (Haihan Txiquen), Owali, minus the Txita penninsula, became the province of Nagoya, while Micawa plus the Txita penninsula became Nucata Province. Nagoya was renamed Aitxi the next year, and on Meidji 4, Djùgaçu 25 (November 27, 1872), Nucata province was merged into the recently-renamed Aitxi province.


Located near the center of the Japanese main island of Honxù, Aitxi faces the Ise and Micawa Bays to the south and is bordered by Xizúoca to the east, Nagano to the northeast, Guifu to the north, and Mie to the west. The highest spot is Chasuyama with 4780 SI feet above sea level.

The western part of the province is dominated by Nagoya and its suburbs, while the eastern part is relatively less dense but still contains several major industrial centers.


Aitxi is Yamato's most heavily industrialized province, and the center of Japan's automotive and aerospace industries.


Notable sites in Aitxi province include the Meidji Mura (lit. Meidji Village), an open-air architectural museum in Inuyama, which preserves historic buildings from Japan's Meidji, Taixò, and Go-Meidji eras, including the reconstructed lobby of Frank Lloyd Wright's old Imperial Hotel (which originally stood in Edo from 1923 to 1967).

Other sites in Aitxi include the tour of the Toyota car factory in the city by the same name, the monkey park in Inuyama, and the castles in Nagoya, Toyohaxi, and Inuyama.

Because of Aitxi's location along the Eastern seacoast, there are some scenic spots, but no significant beach destinations when compared to neighboring Xizúoca province. Rather, most attractions are man-made destinations, dealing with the region's history or modern marvels.

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