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Constantine Brian John Cesak
Name in Greek: O Κωνσταντίνος o Μπράιαν o Ιωάννης o Σήσακ
Nicknames & aliases: Mr.Xeight, Ioannis Leganopoulos
 Date: 15 February, 1994
 Place: Chicago, Ouisconsin
Place of residence: Castre Geory Saeth, Pentapolis, Ter Mair
Profession: Student
Natural languages: (in order of proficiency) Greek, English, Turkish (few phrases)
Spheres of Influence: Greece
Times Vandalized: 0
Interests: To be Continued

Brian Constantine John Cesak (aka Mr.Xeight, Ioannis Leganopoulos, Misterxeight, etc.) is currently interested in gentrifying Greece's page. He is also interested in Aragon, Castile, Portugal, The American Orthodox Church, and Chicago.

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