Nuraslan Näzbek-ulı

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Nuraslan Näzbek-ulı
Nuraslan Näzbek-ulı Keņesbaşı
Title: Keņesbaşı of Turkestan
 Term in office: 2008–present
 Predecessor: PREDECESSOR
 Successor: incumbent
 Date: 6- Şildü, Ulu Jıl 1940
(6th July 1940)
 Place: Şamalğan, Jetisu Aymaq, Qazaqstan Province
Profession: Politician
Political Party: Progressive
Relgious Affiliation: Zoroastrianism


Nuraslan Näzbek-ulı is the current Keņesbaşı (Head of Government) of Turkestan. He was Foreign Minister of Turkestan from 1992-1997 and from 2005-2008, and Defence Minister from 1997-2005. In 2008 he became Keņesbaşı in a government reshuffle caused by the retirement of his predecessor, probably for personal reasons. Approaching 70 years of age, he is one of the oldest Keņesçıs of the Turkestani parliament, but is still very active in shaping the political direction of Turkestan. He is the current leader of the Progressive Party, the large moderate, centrist party that has been one of the largest of Turkestan's parties since the fall of the SNOR.

During his first stint as Foreign Minister, in 1996, he first proposed the idea of the Eurasia Ship Canal, and he was Keņesbaşı at the time his idea came to fruition in August of 2009.

Nuraslan Keņesbaşı is also one of the group of Turkestani power players known as the Ilxan's Men.

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