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This is a list of all Post Roads in the NAL and contains details about their routes.


Post Road 1

PR 1.svg.png

Post Road 1, often referred to as the "Mein Road" serves the east coast of the NAL-SLC.

Route Description

PR-1 begins in Tampa, East Florida. It follows PH-93 to Ocala, then makes right along the Sid Martin Highwey to Baldwin. It turns east, following PH-8. It meets PR-15 at Jacksonville then turns northwest along Kings Road to Jacobia. In Jacobia, PR-1 runs through Fowkston and northwest through Weycross. North of Alma, PR-1 meets PR-3 and turns north. It continues through Sweinsboro at a junction with PR-80. It continues through Wrens and northeast through Augusta to Carolina. In Carolina, it becomes a freeway and continues east through North Augusta to Columbia, intersecting PR-15. It continues to Lugoff, where the freeway alignment ends, and joins with the historic PR-1 Route. It continues through Rockingham to Tramwey where it becomes a freeway, heading northeast to Raleigh. It merges with PR-401 when the freeway ends, and then splits left to Henderson where it becomes a freeway. It continues northeast to Virginia. In Virginia, it runs northeast through Petersburg and north through Richmond, meeting the PR-66. It continues east through Alexandria, following the Pentapolis Beltway to Ter Mair. In Ter Mair, it PR-1 continues to follow the Beltway, now called Balltwi di bPentapolis. It joins the PR-50 on the east side of the city, and turns northeast off of the Beltway towards Baltimore, meeting PR-240. PR-1 and PR-50 continue northeast to Baltimore where they intersect the PR-40. In Nya Sverige, they split at Nya Elfsborg. PR-1 continues through to Pennsylvaania. In Philadelphia, the Nation's Capital, PR-1 joins PR-30 and intersects PR-13. They continue through Kent on the Trenton Highwey and on the Mersey Turnpique through Oxbridge to Castreleon New. In Nieuw Amsterdam, PR-30 ends and PR-1 intersects the Adirondack Trail. PR-1 continues to Connecticut. It intersects PR-111 in New Haven, and continues through Rhode Island to Massachusetts Bay. PR-1 interchanges with PR-2 and PR-4 in Boston. It continues through New Hampshire, Augusta in Northern MA, Saint John in New Scotland, and continues to the port city of Sydney. A ferry takes a traveler to PR-1 in מואיבֿה ספרד. It continues from קאבֿו אוקסידינטי through סאנטה אסתר to לאגו ג׳ירף׳ where it intersects PR-111. PR-1 continues to its end in סאנטו יונה.

Post Road 2

PR 2.png

Post Road 2, often referred to as the "Trans-Ontario" serves many northern regions of NAL-SLC.

Route Description

PR-2 begins in Lake Louise, Unincorporated Territories on the Origon/NAL border. It passes through many rural towns. In Calgary, it intersects PR-91. In Medicine Hat, it intersects PR-202. In Virden, it intersects PR-81. It continues to the Coast of New Cambria. In New Cambria, it intersects PR-71 in Winnipeg, and continues to Les Plaines. It intersects PR-22 at Baie de Tonnerre and continues northeast into Ontario. It follows the coast of Great Lake Superior to Sault St. Marie where it meets the Good Road. It continues east to Sudbury where it intersects PR-31, and intersects PR-13 in Ottawa. It continues southeast along the border with Nouvelle Francie and intersects the future NF-2 near Smiths Falls. PR-2 runs south to Castreleon New where it merges east with PR-11 at Potsdam. They run east to New Hampshire PR-11 ends at Alburg on the New Hampshire border, and PR-2 goes southeast to Montpelier. PR-2 intersects PR-111 at White River Junction, and continues to its end at PR-1 and PR-4 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay.

Post Road 3

PR 3.png

Post Road 3 runs through the center of the NAL and connects Jacobia to Aquanishuonigy.

Route Description

PR-3 begins at a junction with PR-1 north of Alma. PR-3 continues northwest where it merges with the PH-404 freeway and intersects PR-80 in Macon. PH-404 ends and PR-3 continues on to PH-401. PR-3 and PH-401 continue to Augusta. PR-3 then follows PH-403 and PR-17 to Buford, where PR-3 and PR-17 merge off the PH-403 and continue to Carolina. In Carolina, PR-3 and PR-17 meet PR-70 at Asheville, where PR-70 ends and PR-17 continues northeast. PR-3 passes north to Tenisi where it intersects PR-11 at Porth di Reis. PR-3 continues into Kentucky. In Kentucky, PR-3 intersects PR-66 in Catlettsburg and continues into Aquanishuonigy. PR-3 intersects PR-50 at Wyanduxala. At Dilanwara, it PR-3 intersects PR-40. At Sandusky, it PR-3 intersects PR-30. PR-3 and ends at an interchange with PR-6 in Cayuga City.

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