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Post Road 6 connects Paris-sur-Mizouri, the capital of Louisianne, with the main railway hub of the NAL, Chicago, and beyond to Aquanishuonigy. Many railways run parallel to this road, and many traffic stops along this route are railroad crossings.

PR 6.png

Route Description

PR-6 begins on the Louisianne/NAL border at Paris-sur-Mizouri. It turns northeast through Les Plaines and into Ouisconsin via Four Nations. It runs concurrent with PR-51 starting at Creve Coeur and continues north to Chicago. They meet PR-30 and continue north, where PR-51 and PR-10 end at an interchange with PR-41. PR-6 continues east, running parallel with PR-30 to Miami. PR-6 continues east and intersects PR-31 at Toledo and passes into Aquanishuonigy. PR-6 meets PR-3 in Cayuga City and PR-6 ends in Guahadohuri in an interchange with PR-17.

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