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Post Road 4 connects Nouvelle Cournouaille of northern Louisianne to Boston in Massachussets Bay.

Route Description

PR-4 begins on the NAL/Louisianne border at Mobridge, Les Plaines. At Selby, PR-4 runs concurrent with PR-91 to Sommet where PR-91 ends at an intersection with PR-71. PR-4 continues to Liberté where it runs concurrent with PR-10 to Mascoutensi. In Mascoutensi, they continue to Eau Claire, where PR-10 turns southeast and PR-4 continues into Ouisconsin. It intersects PR-41 in Appleton and continues to Manitowoc. A ferry takes a traveler from Mascoutensi to Utawia. PR-4 starts again in Ludington and continues east through Utawia to Ontario. PR-4 runs concurrent with PR-31 from London to Woodstock. In Woodstock, PR-4 turns east to Hamilton and southeast to Oxniagara Falls in Aquanishuonigy. PR-4 intersects PR-15 at Chinandona and intersects PR-11 and PR-13 at Onondaga City. PR-4 continues into Castreleon New. In Castreleon New, PR-4 intersects the Adirondack Trail, future PR-9, at Albany, and continues into Massachusetts Bay. In Massachusetts Bay, PR-4 interchanges with PR-111 at Springfield, intersects PR-1 at the Beltwey, and ends at an interchange with PR-2.

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