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Post Road connects Pays-Lointains to New Hampshire.

Route Description

PR-11 begins north of Biloxi in Mobile. PR-11 continues north to Meridian, where it intersects PR-80. PR-11 continues northeast to ᏣᎳᎩᎯ ᎠᏱᎵ. In ᏣᎳᎩᎯ ᎠᏱᎵ, PR-11 runs to Birmingham, interchanging with PR-41. PR-11 continues further northeast to Tenisi. It passes through Ciatanwga and intersects PR-411 at Clyfland, PR-70 at Nocsfill, and PR-3 at Porth di Reis. PR-11 passes into Virginia. In Virginia, PR-11 intersects PR-17 in Róanoke and merges with PR-15 in Lexington. They intersect PR-66 in Staunton and PR-50 in Strasburg. They pass through Ter Mair, where they interchange with PR-40 in Hagerstawn, and continue to Pennsylvaania where they interchange with PR-30 at Carlisle. PR-11 and PR-15 pass through Harrisburg and split at Sunbury. PR-15 goes west and PR-11 goes east to Scranton where it merges with PR-13. They continue north to Aquanishuonigy. They pass through Otsiningo and interchange with PR-4 in Onondaga City. They pass into Castreleon New where they split at Waterstad. PR-13 goes north, PR-11 goes northeast to Brockville, where it merges with PR-2. They intersect PR-9 in Champlain, and PR-11 ends in Rouses Point.

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