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Post Road 3 runs through the center of the NAL and connects Jacobia to Aquanishuonigy.

Route Description

PR-3 begins at a junction with PR-1 north of Alma. PR-3 continues northwest where it merges with the PH-404 freeway and intersects PR-80 in Macon. PH-404 ends and PR-3 continues on to PH-401. PR-3 and PH-401 continue to Augusta. PR-3 then follows PH-403 and PR-17 to Buford, where PR-3 and PR-17 merge off the PH-403 and continue to Carolina. In Carolina, PR-3 and PR-17 meet PR-70 at Asheville, where PR-70 ends and PR-17 continues northeast. PR-3 passes north to Tenisi where it intersects PR-11 at Porth di Reis. PR-3 continues into Kentucky. In Kentucky, PR-3 intersects PR-66 in Catlettsburg and continues into Aquanishuonigy. PR-3 intersects PR-50 at Wyanduxala. At Dilanwara, it PR-3 intersects PR-40. At Sandusky, it PR-3 intersects PR-30. PR-3 and ends at an interchange with PR-6 in Cayuga City.

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