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Post Road 30 connects Omara in Nouvelle Gaulle to New Amsterdam in Castreleon New. It also passes just south of Chicago, the main railroad hub of the NAL.

Route Description

Post Road 30 begins in an interchange with PR-71 and PR-91. PR-30 continues east to Des Moines. It passes out of Les Plaines into Ouisconsin. It continues east and intersects PR-51 in the suburb of Joliet in Chicago. It passes from Ouisconsin to Miami. In Miami, it interchanges with PR-41 switches freeways with PR-6 in Gary. It intersects PR-31 in Findlay, and passes into Aquanishuonigy. It intersects PR-3 in Mercer and PR-17 in Pittsburgh, as it passes into Pennsylvaania. It intersects PR-15 and PR-13 just south of Harrisburg. In Philadelphia, PR-30 runs parallel to PR-1 to Castreleon New. In New Amsterdam PR-30 ends.

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