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Epic Wilderness Showdown is a TV show starring Wolf Roberts (a former SAS paratroopr, Royal Marine, and Gurkha), and Louis St. Cyr (a former French Foreign Legionaire) who now are sent to various, inhospitable locations across the world and are given nothing but the clothes on their backs, and a fairly large survival knife.


What's Happened So Far

Recently Wolf lost his left index-finger after battling with a leopard in Episode 30, "Lost in the Wilds of Kongo" after being sent to survive in the Kongo. Louis took several bee stings to the face while the duo tried to steal honey from African honey bees while filming in Paraná. The two plan to be going into the boreal forests of Nassland next.


Recently he has come under fire for consuming so many different animals, such as after he was able to use his knowledge in natve medicine and sow his finger back on, he roasted the leopard (who he killed with a primitive, repeating crossbow made from various items found in the wilderness). Among others he took on 3 caymans while filming in Paraná. St. Cyr chopped down several trees in order to make a sort of cabin. He burned the rest for a fire. They also went on a bear hunt in Ontario which when Al Gore Jr. and his NeoLeft found out, demanded for their arrest. Clive Parker gave them a full pardon, and a warning. Some speculate it actually helped a nearby town, who had an open garbage dump with 3 dogs and one child already missing.


The two have challenged the swamps of Louisianne, Rickerman-Insel, the South Atlantic Dependency, the Alps of Helvetia, and into the wild steppes of Uyguristan.

Danger Just Doesn't Come From the Wilderness

While doing a similar bayou survival show in South Florida, Floridian rebels, thinking they were scouts and filming the area for purposes of invasion, began to shoot at poor Wolf. Fortuntely, they did not see Louis and he was able to shoot the 4 men with his bow he made, and Wolf had formed a spear with his knife, which he threw at the natives. Obviously for safety purposes, Louis and Wolf headed to Louisianne. This particular episode was most viewed off all their series, sky-rocketing them to one of the "Top 10 Most Watched Shows", as voted by England's TV network.

Doing Some Real Good

While surviving the craigy rainforests of Equador, Wolf and Louis came upon a massive, Pre-Spanish Invasion Meso-American ruins. The city had its own pyramid, working toilet system, farms, and barracks. This has greatly boosted the economy of Equador in the form of archaelogists, tourists, and treasure hunters.

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