Constantine of England, Scotland, and Kemr

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Costenhin XII of Kemr, Constantine I of England and Scotland

Costenhin XII (also known as Constantine I in England and Scotland) was the third son of Iewan III. He married Mary, the only daughter of Henry VII, King of England and Scotland. Together they reigned a truly united Federated Kingdoms--England, Scotland and Kemr (Costenhin ruled Kemr alone, and England and Scotland jointly with Mary). At least that was the theory. King Constantine I was reviled in the whole of the FK. The Scots mistrusted him because he was a Catholic, the English because he was Cambrian, and the Kemrese because he married an Englishwoman.

The couple had two children, a daughter, Victoria (b. 1819) and a son, Gereint (b. 1820).

After 'the 19 years' tyranny', as his reign is known in England, he was forced to abdicate. Scotland and Kemr passed similar measures. It was agreed that the lines would never merge again. The English and Scottish parliaments passed a law barring Gereint and his descendants from the thrones of England and Scotland. Gereint thus succeeded to the Kemrese throne as Gereint XI, while Victoria succeeded to the English and Scottish thrones as Victoria I.

Preceded by:
Henry VII and I
King of England
Succeeded by:
Victoria I
King of Scotland
Preceded by:
Iewan III
ill Terruin of Kemr
Succeded by:
Gereint XI
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