List of Monarchs of England and Scotland

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England has a long line of illustrious Monarchs - but things are essentially the same as *here* until 1483 (Edward's reign was popular, but short - he died of Tuberculosis in 1486). The Tudors did not seize power after the battle of Bosworth Field. Instead, they were occupied in their home nation of Kemr. At the death of Richard III in 1512, the crown passed to James V of Scotland (James I of England), who was married to Margaret of York, Richard's daughter by Joanna of Castile.


House of Stuart

Family tree of the House of Stuart

English Interregnum


House of Rainsborough

  • Thomas I (1657-1661)

House of Stuart (Restored)

Second House of Plantagenet

Second House of Plantagenet
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