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Iewan III was the second son of Iewan II and never expected to become King. By all accounts, he was rather pleased at his succession following the death after a long illness of his brother Gereint. Iewan III earned the nickname "The Spider" because he had a formidable mind and a taste for intrigue. Among other things, he played favorites among his six children and insisted each one be trained as if they would one day become monarch of Kemr. He was widely blamed when his second son Emreis committed suicide at age 17. His eldest son Donal would have nothing to do with him after 1780. More than a few rumors surrounded Donal's accidental death in 1798. Iewan III's last son remained seemingly loyal, quietly remaining by his father's side as the cunning old man slipped into senility. Contemporary accounts, however, agree that he refused to summon medical help during his father's final illness and allowed no one in the same chamber during the sick old King's last hours.

Iewan III's funeral was a quick and hurried affair. His third surviving eldest son became Costenhin XII and married Mary of England and Scotland.

Preceded by:
Iewan II
ill Terruin of Kemr
Succeeded by:
Costenhin XII
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