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In Brithenig, the monarch of Kemr is referred to as ill Terruin. Literally this means 'pertaining to the land or the earth', but as a title it means 'the overlord, or high king, of the land'. The Chomro reserve this title for the King of Kemr, distinguishing their monarch from llo rhui h-alltr, the other kings, the surviving petty kings of Kemr, and the other heads of state in Britain, and abroad. The succession to the throne in Kemr is governed by Salic Law, a tradition observed in some monarchies that precludes female descendents from inheriting the throne.

Dates of the Land-Kings of Kemr

511 First King: Eirlan I Emreis
547 First Prince: Medrad
586 Second Prince: Gereint I
607 Third Prince: Costenhin I
627 Fourth Prince: Pedr I
635 Fifth Prince: Gereint II
655 Sixth Prince: Aleisandr I
667 Seventh Prince: Hewel ill Bon
672 Eighth Prince: Emreis I
690 Ninth Prince: Costenhin II
701 Tenth Prince: Gereint III
723 Eleventh Prince: Costenhin III
735 Twelfth Prince: Llewfelen Maen
776 Thirteenth Prince: Costenhin IV (killed by Vikings)
823 Fourteenth Prince: Hewel II
833 Fifteenth Prince: Gereint IV
848 Sixteenth Prince: Llewfelen II
864 Seventeenth Prince: Gereint V (killed in battle)
871 Eighteenth Prince: Aleisandr II
903 Nineteenth Prince: Pedr II
944 Twentieth Prince: Llewfelen III
966 Twenty-first Prince: Costenhin IV
980 Twenty-second Prince: Llewfelen IV
986 Twenty-third Prince: Donal I
1001 Twenty-fourth Prince: Llewfelen IV
1018 Twenty-fifth Prince: Emreis II
1036 Twenty-sixth Prince: Costenhin V (killed at Hastings)
1066 Twenty-seventh Prince: Emreis III
1073 Twenty-eighth Prince: Gereint VI
1098 Twenty-ninth Prince: Costenhin VI
1129 Thirtieth Prince: Gereint VII
1152 Thirty-first Prince: Costenhin VII
1168 Thirty-second Prince: Pedr III
1199 Thirty-third Prince: Costenhin VIII
1223 Thirty-fourth Prince: Pawl
1260 Thirty-fifth Prince Prince: Pedr IV
1281 Thirty-sixth Prince: Costenhin IX
1291 Thirty-seventh Prince: Ioan Pawl
1302 Thirty-eighth Prince: Costenhin X
1308 Thirty-ninth Prince: Emreis IV
1323 Fortieth Prince: Rhoberth I
1338 Forty-first Prince: Iewan I
1373 Forty-second Prince: Dewidd I
1392 Forty-third Prince: Costenhin XI
1411 Forty-fourth (and last ruling) Prince: Dewidd II
1460 First King: Gereint VIII
1485 Second King: Emreis V
1511 Third King: Gereint IX
1545 Fourth King: Dewidd III
1568 Fifth King:
1613 Sixth King: Gereint X
1640 Seventh King: Donal II
1661 Eighth King: Emreis VI
1702 Ninth King: Emreis VII
1713 Tenth King: Donal III
1735 Eleventh King: Iewan II
1770 Twelfth King: Iewan III
1803 Thirteenth King: Costenhin XII
1822 Fourteenth King: Gereint XI
1832 Fifteenth King: Iewan IV
1845 Sixteenth King: Rhoberth II
1903 Seventeenth King: Gereint XII
1944 Eighteenth King: Constenhin XIII
1967 Nineteenth King: Gereint XIII
2004 Twentieth King: Pedr V

Some names have been filled in when necessary. The names and relations of most have been left empty.

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