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Iewan IV was the next youngest son of Iewan III. Many pitied him during his father's reign, but rumors persisted of a terrible temper. These rumors proved true over time.

When Gereint XI became King at age two, his uncle was made regent. The boy died just few years later, whereupon the regent then became King in his own right. He had already pressured Lady Mari Limbaugh to give up her choice of bridegroom and become his bride, now Queen. He committed adultery with a series of well-known actresses (most agreed he could be as charming as he was erratic). His Ministers dreaded having to work with him as time went on. His own reign saw him almost certainly cross over into insanity, becoming positive he had enemies who were plotting to kill him using supernatural means. His sudden death has sometimes been theorized as a case of suicide while of unsound mind. His own son having died in infancy, he was succeeded by his late brother's second son.

It was during his reign that slavery was abolished in the Federated Kingdoms and their dominions.

Preceded by:
Gereint XI
ill Terruin of Kemr
Succeeded by:
Rhoberth II
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