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King Gereint XIII, coronation portrait
Gereint XIII ffeil Padern (1930 - 2004) was named for his grandfather, Gereint XII. His childhood was marked by the Depression of the 1930s and the Second Great War. Despite air raid attacks in the war that levelled entire neighbourhoods of the city, the royal family remained in Castreleon during the war.

Prince Gereint joined the armed forces towards the end of the war, but the Peace was declared before he could see military action. Nevertheless he participated in the peace-time reconstruction and was stationed in Europe and several commonwealth postings after that, holding the rank of captain. He always prided himself on his military bearing.

He became King of Kemr in 1967 as the nation was confidently emerging from the post-war era. King Gereint XIII's reign was marred by several blows. National confidence turned into intolerance and nationalist violence. His wife, his younger brother, and his son and heir all preceded him in early deaths. He allowed his grandson space to develop his own identity while the King held the court together with his second wife, Lady Catren Llewan.

An assassination attempt in the Curth Rhuial in 2000 proved to be the first symptom of his undoing. Prince Pedr took a more significant part in court activities. King Gereint succumbed to pneumonia in 2004. In his last public appearance, returning to the Curth Rhuial from the Royal Castrysc Hospital he was determined to walk from the ambulance into the palace.

Preceded by:
Constenhin XIII
ill Terruin of Kemr
Succeeded by:
Pedr V
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