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Geoff Horswood
Ilxan of the Ilxan surveying her domain
Other names: Jomart in Qazaq)
Caretaker: Turkestan, Assyrian Church, Uyguristan, Tannu-Tuva
Other contributions: InterTurkic language, Soğdo script, several Jets, Ciudad Las Vacas
 Date: 1- Mamor, Buqa Jıl 1973 (=1st May 1973)
 Place: Epsom, England
Place of residence: Tejas
Current Job: Unemployed
Languages spoken: English, Kazakh, InterTurkic, small amounts of Russian, German, French & Spanish
Interests: painting, history, cartography, weird technology, conculturing, conlanging
On the List: No. 71
Doppelgangers: Jomart Nasreddin-ulı

I'm Geoff. My primary area of contribution to IB at the moment is Turkestan, but my interest area includes most of the Central Asian region (particularly the Turko-Mongolian parts). I'm also a conlanger & conworlder.

In addition to my beloved Turkestan and Central Asia, I seem to be becoming Chief Historian of Aviation or something. Militaria is something of an interest, particularly aircraft, and I also maintain an interest in slightly off-the-wall technology. The combination of these can be fairly unusual at times.

Currently residing in Tejas but citizen of the FK, married to Heather (who accepts this conculture stuff I do, but thinks it's a bit mad, really), with two small children: Catherine (5) and Brianna (3).

Other non-IB hobbies/interests include painting (acrylics mostly), languages, history, cartography, military technology and a whole heap of stuff I never have time to get to (see "two small children").


Things I'm caretaker of:

Things I've originated or made a big contribution to

Things I keep a watchful eye on:

(either because they stand a good chance of affecting one of my areas of immanent domain, or out of general interest)

To Do

  • more Turkestan history
    • Qurultai period
      • Chinese hegemony
      • Possible involvement in Sino-Russian War
    • EBUK (Snorist) period
      • Ilxan histories
      • Politics & daily life
      • Fall of SNOR
    • post-SNOR
  • Flesh out Uyguristan
  • What do people do for fun in Central Asia?