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The assassination of Jean-François Young, 18th First President of Louisianne and the Empress Gacudai of Japan, 127th ruler of Japan, took place on Monday, August 28, 2006, in Lyons-sur-Mizouri, Mizouri, Osage, Louisianne, at approximately 12:37 PM, LST in the neighborhood of Little Yamato. The Empress and First-President Young were rushed to the Hôpital Dieu, where they were both declared dead. Remarkably Mme Young and the Prince Alisugawa were unharmed in the attack.

The chaos that this double assassination engendered resulted in media furor and widely confused attempts to investigate the assassinations, including an international manhunt for a Gendarme of Louisianna's national Gendarmes and a former member of New Francy's Milice.

Investigations were completed by a number of authorities, including the Police of Lyons-sur-Mizouri, the NAL's CBI and Interpol (due to the manhunt for the Gendarme and Milice member that was later novelized), and various agencies of Japan.

Despite the numerous efforts, no consistent understanding of the event has surfaced. The investigation was further muddied by the media response to it, including a télénovella, a novel and numerous talk shows, including that of Lawrence Koenig. A joint investigation was announced in 2007 between the governments of Louisianne and Japan, and the results were announced the first week of April, 2009.

The assassination is still the subject of widespread debate and has spawned numerous conspiracy theories and alternative scenarios. It was released shortly after the formation of the Nippono-Louisiannan commission that previous studies were terribly flawed. The Commission also announced that it was probable that a conspiracy existed in March 2009, prior to release of the results. It is expected that later studies will be brought to bear, due to the terrible emotional toll of the dual assassination.

Initial Theories

Two days after the assassination, (30 August 2006 / 12 Fructidor CCXIV) Thomas Horatio la Chappelle, a renowned TV commentator from Louisianna announced on his show on Télé-1--Toulouse, the conspiracy theories he thought would quickly be seized upon by the conspiracy theorists. The list as he suggested it were indeed among the top reasons. The most commonly accepted list is:

  • Mitterand's Party did it. *
  • The Yacuza did it. *
  • East Primoryan Seperatists did it. *
  • Chancellor Marek Aldendorf's party was behind it. *
  • The Louisianna Gendarmerie did it. *
  • The Bushes did it -- after all they did everything else. *
  • The League of Noble Emigrees in an effort to restore the Louisiannan monarchy.
  • The American Leadership Conference negotiated with the deposed Tejan juntas to destabilize the Louisiannan Government.
  • The American Leadership Conference ordered the assassination as a means to "rebuild" Louisianna like it has done with Florida-Caribbea.
  • The Yacuza orchestrated it as retribution for legislation passed in Japan.
  • Maciej Bambaryła was paid off to do it by:
    • Chancellor Aldendorf's party.
    • The Pegre.
    • A Tejan junta.
    • The Yacuza.
    • The American Leadership Conference.
    • The Louisiannan Gendarmes.
This last theory, in any of its iterations is viewed as one of the more viable, given the fact that Maciej Bambaryła was found dead in his jail cell shortly after being arrested by the Gendarmes, and was known to be indebted through reckless gambling.
* represent those theories put forward by M. la Chappelle.

As with any major calamity of human creation, numerous fringe groups have claimed responsibility for the act, but have been just as quickly disproved. Included in this were claims by:

These were all discounted within hours of their claim.


The novelization of events by M. Daniel Hicken, of Zarahemla, Nouvelle Cournouaille, Assassinat was published by Editions St.-Julien, S.A. in mid 2007, and was well received by the policier (detective fiction) demographic. Government organizations across the world were quick to decry the allegations made by the novel. Lawsuits were filed, but just as quickly dropped by the ODP of the RTC, by the Gendarmes of Louisianne, the CBI and police forces across the NAL. Assassinat was even blocked by some parts of the Holy Roman Empire for its depiction of cross-german travel.

The Joint Committee

Results will be released in a joint news conference. Many pundits have expressed concern that rather than find synthesis the investigation will only further cloud the facts.