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Sometime called The Monarchist League, the LoNE is a group headquarterd in Ville-Marie, New Francy whose main purpose is the re-establishment of noble houses in various countries.

The League was originaly founded during the French Revolution by nobility who had managed to escape the Republican forces. The idea was to pool together whatever connection and resources the various members had. It is because of these members that some neutral countries were convinced to join the Bourbon's side against Napoleon.

Unfortunately, after the event known as The Arrangement (the various treaties for a modus vivendi between Napoleon and its neighbours), the League found itself excluded from the corridors of power by monarchs wishing for peace with the Usurper. The members then changed tactic and tried to gain allies within the ranks of other displaced royalties in the hope that once restablished they might show their gratitude.

Though there were a few success stories, the League nowadays is still no closer to its original goal of returning a king to the throne of France. This might depress some but the League still can throw a mean party.

There are 3 categories of members within the organisation:

- Voting member: A noble house that have been displaced due to foreign conquest, devolution (through revolution or referendum) or usurpation (by another branch or a foreign house). The delegation is fully authorised by the recognised head of the house.

- Honourary member: A reigning house that has previously been displaced or that pubicly shows support for the League.

- Observer: catch-all category for groups that do not fit the previous two. This include pro-monarchists from republican countries and loyalists from extinct houses who wish to see a monarch installed as head of state and also de facto lobby groups from some houses who do not wish to officialy become members. One special case is the House of Dessaline, which due to its association with Bonaparte was not granted full membership.

Amongst many others, the membership include:


- House of Aurial (Dalmatia)

- House of Battenberg (Hesse)

- House of Bourbon-Anjou (France) (Note that neither the family of the Intendant of New Francy nor of the former Prince of Louisianne have separate delegation. Traditionaly, members of both families are found at the upper echelon of the French delegation. This house should not be confused with the House of Bourbon-Orléans, which they oppose.) The accepted heir to the Bourbon-Anjou line is currently Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne.

- House of Dadiani (Georgia)

- House of Oldenburg (Greece)

- House of Romanov, Danish branch (Russia) (note that though the English branch would have priority, they have not objected to the Danish one becoming a voting member.)

- House of Sakskoburggotski (Bulgaria)

- House of Wittelsbach (Bavaria)

- House of Zogu (Albania)

- House of Hapsburg-Karni�len (Slovenia)


- House of Asturias (?) (Castile and Leon)

- House of Solms-Braunfels (Tejas)

- House of Vlas-Florea, (Oltenia)


- House of Dessalines (Hayti)

- Her Majesty's Loyal Party, the political wing of the separatist group known as "Her Majesty's Army" (England)

- House of Nassau(-Weilburg) (Duchy of Nassau, now part of Hessen)

- [unnamed pro-monarchist group] (Helvetia)

- [unnamed pro-monarchist group] (Hungary)