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Sowjetrepublik Bayern
Soviet Republic of Bavaria
Conventional short name:
Local: Bayern
English: Bavaria
Flag of Bavaria
Die Rote Fahne. The state flag is always flown together with the red banner of the international communist movement.
Area: 275,280 cc (32,208 sqmi)
 Capital: München (Munich)
 Largest: München
 Other: Nürnberg, Augsburg, Würzburg, Regensburg, Ingolstadt
Currency: 1 Convention Thaler = 20 Kreuzer = 240 Pfennige
 Official: Bavarian (Bayrisch)
 Others: German, Bohemian
Population: 10,950,000 (2003)
Organizations: Holy Roman Empire

Bavaria (Bayern) is believed to have existed as a tribal duchy in the 6th Century AD, though by the 8th Century Charles the Great subjugated the Bavarii and added their mountain holdings to the Holy Roman Empire. The HRE awarded or took away varying levels of independence over the centuries.

The four centuries following Charlemagne’s conquest were tumultuous years as dukes of whichever house sought to free the Bavarian Duchy and establish its sovereignty.

Historically, Bavaria was much larger. Its realm extended into present day Bohemia and Austria, but due to centuries of warfare was whittled down to its modern size.

Up until the Revolution, Bayern was a largely deeply conservative, Catholic monarchy, so the culture shift after the Revolution was not an easy one. Bavaria is not a major exporting power in the 21st Century, although in the past they were a large exporter of agricultural products, including beer and wine.

Bavaria didn't last overly long as a really communist state, albeit a little longer than *here*. The Powers That Were At The Time realised that they'd have to change certain things if they want to stay in power, so they basically modified the system to such a degree that it cannot be called communist anymore. Perhaps socialistic (welfare state, like), but not communist, and nowadays it is really only the name and the flag that really tie it to communism in any real way. The name Bavarian Soviet Republic stuck. Bavaria still holds the Kaiser as their leader, calling him ‘Comrade Weiblingen, Captain-General of the Red Army of Bavaria.

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