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Conventional short name:
Local: Braunschweig
English: Brunswick
Flag of Braunschweig
Organizations: Holy Roman Empire

Legend holds that Braunschweig was founded by the Sachsen count Bruno II (d. pre-1017AD) Wiks were places for merchants to rest and keep their goods, thus, Brunos Wik. Held by Duke Heinrich der Löwe, Braunschweig was made capitol of his state, and he there constructeed a cathedral.

A member of the Hanseatic League from the 13th century until recent times, Braunschweig served as a cultural centre in the Holy Roman Empire in the 18th century. This glorious past has been eclipsed by the ignominious Adolf Hessler. Braunschweig was heavily bombed during the Great Wars, but has since rebuilt itself.

Braunsht2.gif National flag



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