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The Oficz Dziefięce Statu (Office for the Defense of the State) is the national intelligence agency of the Republic of the Two Crowns. It was founded in 1972, when it replaced the Śrewica Siekiertacie Noconalej (National Security Service, ŚSN). Originally founded as a department of the Ministry of Interior, the ODP was transformed into a separate government agency under the direct supervision of the chancellor in 1989. It is responsible for intelligence, counterintelligence and government electronic security, including telephone wiretaps.

The ODP regularly makes it to the news headlines, most notably in 2006, when Roman Kościołany, who had been head of the organization since 1989, died in Japan under mysterious circumstances.

The ODP consists of the following subdivisions:

  • Cabinet of the President
  • Department of Counterintelligence
  • Department against Corruption and Organised Crime
  • Department against Terrorism
  • Department of Criminal Punishment
  • Department of Technical Security
  • Department of Classified Information
  • Department of Tele-Informatical Security
  • Department of Information and Analysis
  • Department of Studies and Prognoses
  • Department of Political and Economical Control
  • Department for the Protection of the King
  • Department for the Protection of Public Health
  • Bureau "A"
  • Bureau "B"
  • Bureau "C"
  • Bureau "D"
  • Bureau "E"
  • Bureau of Criminal Evidence and Archives
  • Inspectorate for Control and Interior Security
  • Law Office
  • Financial Office
  • Personnel and Education
  • Bureau of Internal Affairs
  • Central Educational Centre
  • Several regional subdivisions

The ODP is a cooperative element within Interpol.

Presidents of the ODP

  • Sokrat Olesądru 1969 - 1976 (Olesądru was Commissioner of the SSN.)
  • Jóżef Cyrankiewicz 1976 - 1989
  • Roman Kościołany 1989 - 2006
  • Paweł Dzieławita 2006 - Present