Roman Kościołany

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An official government photo of Roman Kościołany.

Roman Kościołany (b. c. 1927, d. September 24, 2006) was known as a hard-line bureacrat within the Republic of the Two Crowns, having risen through the ranks of the various intelligence agencies in the course of his career.

Public Service

Kościołany began his service to the government after he completed his collegiate studies. Starting as a junior agent in the ODPs predecessor organization, Kościołany was quickly recognized for his deductive skills.

In 1990, Kościołany was appointed to the directorship of the ODP where he served with distinction until his assassination in 2006.

Private Life

Mr. Kościołany is an avid pigeon hobbyist, and was among those presumed lost in the Winter 2006 collapse of a convention center in Piniat. He was found safe and sound.

Kościołany was briefly married, but his wife died in a tragic car accident a few years after their marriage. No children were born of that marriage. He never remarried, but was reputed to have had romantic liaisons over the years.


Kościołany was reputedly assassinated within the confines of the Japanese Imperial Palace, but there was no public corroboration until the end of December, 2006. Calls to Mr. Kościołany's office were not returned until the official announcement of the perpetrator of his murder. Investigation by the Japanese government has revealed that he was assassinated by the Yakuza, who were actually aiming at several of the guards. Investigation has brought to light that the Yakuza were attempting to further iterate that they could strike against the Imperial House at any time, and that any further legal measures against them would result in further deaths.

Preceded by:
Jóżef Cyrankiewicz
President of the ODP Succeeded by:
Paweł Dzieławita.