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  • The prime meridian runs through Paris; as such the UTC is about 4 minutes and 25 seconds ahead of what it is *here*.
  • The International Date Line runs to the east of Alyaska and Oceania. Henua is the only Polynesian nation east of the date line.
  • UTC is called in its countries "WET" or Western European Time; it is the time of the Faeroes (and probably also Batavia, France, the FK, Armorica, Castile and Leon, Aragon, Andorra, Portugal and Ireland).
  • CET is UTC+1 for Germany, Helvetia, Italy, the Papal States, Two Sicilies, Jervaine, Bohemia, Slevania, Hungary, Croatia, Dalmatia, Serbia, Veneda, Xliponia, and the Monastic Republic.
  • In Lithuania, the time depends on the province (although previously it was different). Four northern provinces uses UTC +2, while Voluiné uses UTC +3, similarly to Galicia. The usage of UTC +3 here is entirely for political reasons - traditionally this time had been used by many Snorist states, and thus also Belarus and Ukraine.
  • In Ukraine at least this did not change and therefore Galicia and Voluiné adopted UTC +3 time whenever possible despite territories actually being partly in UTC +1 and partly in UTC +2 zone.
  • Republic of Petrograd and Novgorod might have moved to UTC +2 after the fall of Snor.
  • The SR (in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Svalbard) could well use UTC+1.5
  • Louisianne uses UTC-6, resulting in the sun setting later in the day in the western prefectures than in the Pays-Lointains.