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Mistralle Aigline testifying before a Parliamentary committee.

Mistralle Aigline (né 29 Fructidor CL) is the vice-president of the political movement, the Droit et Droite party. She co-founded the party with Chrétien de Beurre in early an CCXVII (late 2008).

Born 16 September 1942 (né 29 Fructidor CL), Mistralle Aigline spent most of her life in Alpes-Rocheuses, but has travelled somewhat around Louisianne. With the death of her son in 2004 from a drug overdose, Mistralle Aigline has become a vociferous supporter of border security. She has even come to the point of asking for all foreigners to be expelled from Louisianne.

Known for her ultra-conservative religious views in Alpes-Rocheuses and Nouvelle Cournouaille, Mme. Aigline is reported as saying that she "felt it was time for our unique blend of politics and religious fervor to come to the national stage."

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