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M. de Beurre in a legislative hearing, 2005

Chrétien de Beurre (né 11 Germinal CL) is a political activist turned politician, and co-founder of the Droit et Droite party, with Mistralle Aigline

Born in Nouvelle Cournouaille on April 1, 1942 (11 Germinal CL), and graduated from the University of New Cornwall with a baccalaureate in Marketing/Economics in 1967. After his graduation he found employment with Petrol Louisiannais, SA from 1967 to 1976 as a Retail Sales Manager. He left Petrol Louisiannais, SA in 1976 for Omnium Oil and Gas. He lost his job with the nationalization of Tejas's oil industry by Jorge Bush, and was quickly hired as director of the controversial Camp des Jeunes Hommes, now known as Academie Chrétien de Nouvelle Cournouaille, a Christian camp for boys near Zarahemla for 15 years before retiring amid controversy in 2004.

De Beurre is married and is the father of six. He lives in the suburbs of Zarahemla. In 1995 he successfully ran for his local seat in the Etats Populaire of Alpes-Rocheuses, where he served until 1999. He ran for the Etats Populaire of Nouvelle Cournouaille in 2000 and was seated, where he has served to present. M. de Beurre has been involved with the Législateurs de la Moralité Chrétienne, until their recent political demise. Seeking to rally the conservative religious vote, de Beurre instigated the Droit et Droite party with Mistralle Aigline in 2008.

Legislation introduced as MP for Nouvelle Cournouaille

Introduced legislation to protect Nouvelle Cournouaille and Louisianne as a whole from illegal immigration, illegitimate children and the destruction that he claimed "Satan" has been working to achieve.

Preceded by:
L. Alma Mansell
Member of Parliament for Nouvelle Cournouaille
Succeeded by:
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