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Flag of the Kingdom of Mauritius

The Kingdom of Mauritius, discovered by the Portuguese in 1505, was subsequently held by the Dutch, French, and English before independence within the Commonwealth was attained in 1968.

Mauritius relies on tourism and the export of sugar and other agricultural products for sustenance. The population is predominantly African mixt with several European stocks. The official language is English, though there are pockets of French speakers. A Creole is spoken by everyone.

Mauritius is a constitutional monarchy whose head of state is Diana I of England and Scotland, though there is a provision in the constitution allowing the people to choose a suitable Native monarch should they decide to do so. There is a small minority who propose to make this change, mostly the wealthier sector of the tourism industry who feel a Native monarch would be a good image for their hotels and resorts. The vast majority of Mauritians are not only content with Diana, but take her almost as a cult figure.


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