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The Province of Kingsland is a colony of the Kingdom of Scotland which currently enjoys a great degree of autonomy in relation to both the motherland and as a component of the Commonwealth of Australasia.

Its revenue comes mainly from agricultural practices including cattle ranching and tobacco growing, as well as from some of the largest sugar cane fields in this part of the world.

Whummlin is extraordinarily popular.

No visit to the province would be complete without having a picture taken of oneself in front of the traditional houses on stilts which can be found all over the land.

The province can be reach by using its airship service Kagctas, world famous for being the only such service to have never suffered a crash.

Follows a small list of important dates:



Foundation of the Scottish penal colony of Moreton Bay.


The penal colony never becomes self-sufficient and to re-coup some of its investment, the Scottish government open the land to settlement by freemen.


Local workforce size proves insufficient for the demand of the owners of sugar cane fields. Transportation of convicts and natives islanders (the arrangement was referred to officially as "Labour Contracts") is authorised. Few actually understood the agreements and ended up spending the rest of their lives working under horrendous conditions in the sugar cane fields.


A few Kingslander adventurers manage to stage a coup on the island of Papua and demand annexation by Kingsland which was granted.


The practice of "labour contracts" is considered tantamount to serfdom by a growing number of civil groups and pressure is applied to the government until it is finaly ended.


The military bases at Townsville and Torres Island are attacked by Chinese forces.


The city of Brisbane becomes the headquarter for the allied operation in the Pacific leading to an economic boom.


Papua-New-Guinea is granted independence


At the war's end, military forces left or were scaled down. The province experiences a mini-recession. Blaming many of their current problems on the Australasian and Scottish government, the Countrymen Party is elected on a platform of self-sufficiency and protectionism. The party would stay in power until 1989.


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