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Kanawiki 62 is a thriller television programme made by Kanawiki and Nittatò Broadcasting Federation (KNBF).


There has been 1 Series made so far, comprising 20 episodes released in Japan on 30 April 2006, there is one episode every week on Sundays. It is due to be released in the NAL and in the FK on 1 January 2007. A second series is being filmed and a third series is being written.

Series 1
Series 2


There are many people on board the plane when it crashes, and out of them only 42 survive. Amongst the most important are -

  • Pierre Ivanovitch, a Latin Rite Catholic from New Francy, who has been going on holiday to Kanawiki and is on a return flight changing at Meidji-dò. He is seen by the others as a bit odd, and someone who is hard to cater for, too one of a kind. He often uses very long words in some instances and at other times finds it difficult to reach the correct Japanese word for something. He carries a copy of Scripture with him and is seen by the others as being rather religious and a little over-conservative.
  • José Francach, a former Corporal in the Florida-Caribbean army. A very unquiet, introvert character who doesn't like to talk about his past. At the start, some others, especially Iago Afon, find him difficult to understand. He was visiting his dying wife in Lùquiù.
  • Maquico Coizumi, a wealthy bank offical working in Ezo. He is on a business trip to Meidji-dò and is very showy and flashy. He is quite authoriative and doesn't like others who get in his way. He is very un-used to physical work and cannot handle much difficulty. He is seen as lazy by a lot of the members of the group and was at the start of the programme difficult to understand.
  • Yolico Tanaca, a scientist working in ATOE. He is quite knowledgeable about his subject area, and often is found asking the question "If this was another project...". This has become one rather odd playground catchphrase rising from the programme and is well-known by many viewers. He is very fluent in many different languages and can speak very well. He speaks Francien, Brithenig, English, Japanese, Ainu, Kanawikian, and Castillian fluently.
  • Iago Afon, a con-artist from Tenisi. He often seems witty and ignorant, and doesn't care about other people's languages, least of all Japanese. He only speaks Cambrian. He has done some dodgy dealing in his career, and makes rude remarks about other members of the group. He is often rather rash, and finds it difficult to think before he acts.
  • Laura Aucala, college student from northern Montrei
  • Juan Carlos Dominguez, archaeologist from Alta California
  • Radu and Elena Ionescu, an Oltenian couple in their late 30s. Claim to have been on their honeymoon but not everyone believes them. Radu in particular seems very religious, a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church. By herself, Elena seems rather flirtatious and there seems to be some kind of hidden tension between them. Yet both are very willing to help out other survivors.

The Island

The island, known as "Kanawiki 62" island, is a very weird island. There is a "Tocharian" temple on the island even though this is no-where near Tocharstan, and a dadle in a tropical area.

On the Island is what looks like a secret ancient Tochar temple, which looks as though it is ancient but is actually full of technology only 30 years old. A computer, running on Vacuum tubes, is found filling a huge chamber measuring 62 Daitxò by 62*62 Daitxò. It is in turn rigged up to a flip-clock which uses not numerals but hieroglyphs.

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