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Episode 1 (Not very clever)

The story of Kanawiki 62 is that of a plane, whose flight number is Kanawiki 62, that is on a journey from Xuri in Lùquiù to Meidji-Shi in Meidji-dò. It overhead stops in Honolulu in Kanawiki where it picks up many passengers. Just after it takes off, it crashes on an island 62 Saili from Kanawiki. Many people die in the crash, and just 62 survive. This episode was very well known because it has no dialogue whatsoever. It is simply silent and contains a large variety of music from around the world. It also contains unusual scenery. It is often said that this episode was made on a better budget than the rest to improve viewing figures.

Episode 2 (When times are hard)

After the crash, there is much confusion. The characters bicker amongst themselves, and find it hard to do much. Maquico Coizumi immediately takes a commanding role, and is backed up by Yolico Tanaca, who has many ideas and tries to express himself to the others. Iago Afon refuses to do as he is told by Maquico Coizumi and mocks Yolico Tanaca's accent. Iago Afon enters a long dialogue with José Francach, who is very withdrawn and disturbed.

Episode 3 (The daughter's maid)

In this episode, it opens showing Pierre Ivanovitch reading out a passage from the Bible in Latin. All that can be seen is the top of Pierre Ivanovitch, who is seen in a copse of trees on the island. We then cut to a young girl who is not one of the survivors of the crash. She is aged about 10, is Caucasian, and has long brown hair made up into a single braid. She wears a colored tunic with odd "Voynich" markings on and has a form of metal bracelet on both of her arms. She speaks in an unknown language. There is a bang, and she is seen running sharply from an explosion behind her. She reaches over to Pierre Ivanovitch, who abruptly stands up. She says "Qocheedy daiin", falls over, and breathes heavily, trying to get her words. She then says a name, "Dinah Glass", then "I think the Director is a marvellous man". She passes out. Then, the camera blurs out, and stops. The next few minutes of the film shows something rather surreal - it shows all of the characters, one by one, in front of a black screen. They speak the words "I think that The Director is a marvellous man", "The Director is always right" "I will work harder" and "Curiosity is the curse of the human brain". Then the face of the young girl comes on the screen with a black background and says; "Has the director met Dinah Glass?", and that ends the episode.

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8 (Whose daughter has that?)

Episode 9 (I think the Director is a marvellous man)

Episode 10 (The Director is always right)

Episode 11 (I will work harder)

Episode 12 (Curiosity is the curse of the human brain)

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