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Relation to Present Kingson
Date of Birth1968

His Royal Highness Prince Hirosuque is the Crown Prince of Lùquiù and the eldest son of King Gù Ho. He is a second cousin twice removed to the Reigning Emperor through his mother.

In 1986, he entered Quiòto Imperial University, earning a master's in economics. He returned to Lùquiù, but continues to be a frequent guest at the Imperial Palace in Quiòto. In 1997, he married the then-Princess Toxico of Hitatxi, they had two sons, Tacasuque and Queisuque. In 2003, the wedding was dissolved, and the former Crown Princess, now a commoner, took his ancestral surname, Ninomiya. Since the mid-90's, he has begun taking on more of his father's duties, in preparation for his retirement in 2007, following the same pattern as his grandfather. Upon his ascension to the throne, he will be known as King Gù Cò.

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