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Currently the line of succession for the Kingdom of Lùquiù is as follows:

  1. Hirosuque (eldest son of Gù Ho)
  2. Tacasuque (grandson; eldest son of Hirosuque)
  3. Queisuque (grandson; 2nd son of Hirosuque)
  4. Matasuque (2nd son)
  5. Hiroquitxi (grandson; only son of Matasuque)
  6. Tadasuque (brother)
  7. Aquisuque (nephew; eldest son of Tadasuque)
  8. Kotosuque (grand-nephew; eldest son of Aquisuque)
  9. Harusuque (grand-nephew; second son of Aquisuque)
  10. Yoxisuque (nephew; second son of Tadasuque)

Like Japan prior to the revision of the Imperial Household Law, Lùquiù is governed by strict male line primogeniture. No woman may succeed to the throne, nor may succession be through female lines

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