Gù Ho

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Gù Ho
Relation to predecessorson
Original Name二宮大輔
Ninomiya Daisuque
King of Lùquiù29th (2nd of Gù Dynasty)
Date of Birth1942

King Gù Ho is the eldest son of the late King Gù Lù and the present King of Lùquiù. He is married to Queen Nolico, daughter of Asaaquira, Prince Cuni and niece of Empress Codjun (wife of the late Emperor Xòwa). His son, the Crown Prince is therefore second cousin twice removed to the Reigning Emperor of Japan.

Beginning in the mid-70's, then-Crown Prince Daisuque began taking on many of his aging father's duties, eventually becoming de facto Prince-Regent. In 1982, his father retired from the throne. Following the same pattern, he has begun delegating authority to his son, the Crown Prince, beginning in the late 90's, and plans to retire in 2007.

Preceded by:
Gù Lù
Luquiu flag.png
King of Lùquiù
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