Gù Lù

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Gù Lù
Relation to present King Father
Relation to predecessorN/A
Original Name二宮隆雄
Ninomiya Tacao
King of Lùquiù28th (1st of Gù Dynasty)
Date of Birth1908

Gù Lù, born Ninomiya Tacao, was the first king of the Gù Dynasty of Lùquiù, and 28th king since the unification of Oquinawa. He currently lives in retirement in Xuri. His paternal grandmother was Nanami Silcox, second daughter of Malcolm Silcox. His paternal grandfather was Ninomiya Masahiro, born in Yamato. His mother was descended from Lùquiùan nobility

He was 12 years old when China invaded. His family went into hiding. He grew up around anti-China resistance fighters, and was nearly captured at the age of 17. He quickly rose in the ranks of the resistance, and by the age of 30 was the undisputed leader of the resistance. In 1932, at the age of 24, he assassinated Governor ???, a particularly harsh governor sent from Beijing.

By the mid-40's, Ninomiya's forces had taken control of most of the islands, outside of the ports and certain airfields, which the Chinese held firmly onto. His leadership is often credited with achieving this, though many historians outside of Lùquiù have pointed out that China was falling back on other fronts by that point, and may well have simply chosen not to bog their forces down in guerilla warfare, only holding onto the strategically-important ports and airfields.

After the liberation of Lùquiù in 1949, under the guidance of Australasia, various leaders from around the islands gathered in Xuri to form a provisional government for the restored Kingdom of Lùquiù. Most contentious of the issues the provisional government faced was who was to occupy the throne. During the Chinese Occupation, the Xò Dynasty had remained as Kings, subject to the authority of a Governor sent by China. They were accused of collaborating with Beijing, and were deposed after Chinese troops left. Ninomiya was unanimously chosen as Head of the Provisional Government.

For the next three years, Lùquiù remained without a king, as the provisional government debated what form of government the newly re-established kingdom would take, with some advocating the proclamation of an Empire. In 1951, a new Constitution was adopted, and the parliament met to elect a new Council of State, who in turn would choose a king (under the Constitution, if the throne becomes vacant, with no legitimate heir, the Council of State is to choose a new king, with the consent of the parliament). The first Council was elected in 1952, and shortly thereafter, chose Ninomiya as king, who, after approval of his kingship by the parliament, took the regnal name of Gù Lù, and established the Gù Dynasty.

In the mid-70's, he began delegating authority to his son, the then-Crown Prince Daisuque. Finally, in 1982, after the 30th anniversary of his ascent, he retired.

Preceded by:
Xò Hiroxi
Luquiu flag.png
King of Lùquiù
Succeeded by:
Gù Ho
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