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The Federal Defense Plan is a policy of the Romanian Federation to give each of its constituent members primary responsibility for one arm of the Federations' defense. Assignments are as follows:

Each member's primary branch becomes the bulwark of the Federation's unified defense, with their other branches (for example, Moldova's Navy or Oltenia's Army) functioning as reserves.

The single biggest advantage of the Federal Plan is that each member state can allocate more of its budget to creating one military branch that becomes much stronger as a result. Critics point out that the single biggest disadvantage is the lack of "home advantage" then enjoyed by each branch in any presumed war, where (for example) the Moldovan army might be called upon to defend Oltenia's border. Planners seek to mitigate against this by joint war games and stationing of units all over Romanian territory--an idea that has been slower than expected in execution. Further problems of morale among non-major branches are sometimes cited by military experts.

Cross-training and officer exchange programs are ongoing, as is creation of a Joint Federal Military Command. Further steps may include Auxillary Units, in which (for example) Oltenian Infantry battalions may transfer to the Moldovan Army, etc.

The majority of Romania's Federal Council support the Plan, but a small group still advocate Military Consolidation, namely the actual integration of the armed forces of all three member-states.

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