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Faye Wright (b. 1918, d. 1991) was a motion picture actress in the NAL, one whose career flourished from the 1930s through the 1960s. She was primarily known as either an ingenue or comedic actress, and her combination of wholesomeness with a strong sexuality helped make her one of the more memorable "blonde bombshells" of the era.

Wright was the child of Prussian and Scottish immigrants whose parents had moved to Carolina. Although her family were mostly Mormons, Wright herself was evidently never baptised. Wright's family lived in predominantly Mormon communities first in Carolina, then Jacobia before moving to Louisianne. Although a good student, she was never talented with languages and moved back to the NAL at age twenty. In New Amsterdam she began getting small parts, mostly in screwball comedies. By 1940, however, she had befriended Xliponian expatriate diva Alia Valentina. The older woman, an established star by that time, often tried to help younger actresses. Wright even lived for several months in a bungalow on Valentina's Breuckelen estate. Historians have speculated the two were lovers. Certainly rumors at the time seemed to suggest it as Wright began to get larger roles. Partially to squash any such gossip, in 1942 she married a Continental Army Officer, Lieutenant Olaf Honstadt (a distant cousin of the former General Moderator). He was killed in the Balkan campaigns.

Modern Century (1941) was Wright's breakthrough role, in which she played (ironically enough) a glamorous movie star woo'd by several different men, including a leading man, a movie director, a Russian spy, an exiled prince and a con man. The fact she chose none of them at film's end was somewhat daring for its day and generated considerable publicity.

She went on to star or appear in almost fifty more motion pictures. She married three times and had four children. Her second son, Ethan Wright also become a film actor, as has his daughter Esther Wright.

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