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Ape World Apocalypse (1987) was the fourth film in the popular Ape World movie franchise. It was directed by Joël Sjoemacher and, while profitable, is generally regarded as one of the less-impressive films in the series.

The story again focuses on Francis (Ethan Wright) and his no-longer-mute companion Oona (Ann Basinger taking over from Drew Wilkes-Booth) and the friendly Cordelia (Mary Spacek). In an attempt to keep the budget low, as well as reproduce the success of Ape World Genesis, the film including numerous flashbacks to Francis' life before leaving Earth on the starship Ulysses. Francis finds a tribe of humans living in the ruins of Chicago and is hailed as a kind of Messiah, The Chosen One from their Sacred Scrolls. As such, they allow him to try and negotiate a peace with a band of Chimpazees seeking to invade and take over the city. The latter, led by a chimp named Gideon (Jack Nichols), prove treacherous and a full-blown battle ensues. But a few of the Chimpanzees, in turn led by Esther, Gideon's daughter, join with the Humans of Chicago.

The Alliance for Public Decency complained bitterly about the film, not only because Francis and Oona are shown having a child outside of wedlock but what they called the "lesbian-tinged bestiality" of the close friendship between Esther and Cordelia.

It was followed by Ape World Exodus.

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