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Ape World Genesis (1985) was the third film in the motion picture franchise. It holds the distinction of being the least-expensive of the series to actually make, while garnering the second-highest profits. In effect this feat guaranteed a long career for director/screenwriter Nicolette Myers.

Francis (Ethan Wright) returns, with his companions Oona (Drew Wilkes-Booth) and the friendly Cordelia (Mary Spacek ), but in the aftermath of the automated factory's destruction all three are on the run from patrols of Chimpanzee Zealots who long to wipe out all humans. Deep underground, they find a perfect replica of the Oblong Office in Octagon House, the last remnants of a shelter for the NAL's government in the wake of disaster. Advanced records allow them to experience the past, showing how the Apes came to rule over Men.

Thus much of the film is a flashback, using contemporary sets and costumes but with Francis, Oona and Cordelia acting as an invisible "Greek Chorus".

A new General Moderator named David Covenant takes office in the year 2000, amid ecological disasters such as the flooding of New Orleans and major droughts worldwide. As Dr. Noah Abrahms, his chief scientific adviser, explains, nature is reshaping itself. One of the most powerful examples of this is a population of chimpanzees used for research into resisting toxins are now showing signs of ever-greater intelligence. Dr. Abrahms points to three specimens in particular--named Adam, Eve and Lilith who evidence even greater abilities than the others. What Abrahms doesn't tell anyone save his wife, Sheila, is that all three Chimpanzees have begun to learn to talk. He has even started to teach them to read.

The story of Dr. Abrahms parallels that of the three future fugitives, in that a General in the Continental Marines (played by the same actor cast as Lazarus in Return to Ape World) views him and his work as a scapegoat for the ever-worsening conditions. At last, Abrahms frees his test subjects then gives this encrypted recording to the General Moderator prior to his arrest (one part of a military coup taking over the country in which the GM will be a puppet).

Amid this, Oona begins to learn how to speak. When the Chimpanzees (still led by Lazarus) track them down, Francis uses his own advanced knowledge to set a trap. Yet in the end he refuses to kill those following him. He even tells them why--to break the cycle of violence.

Ticket sales for Ape World Genesis began respectively but also showing a profit within a week (given its relative cheapness to make). Word of mouth, however, resulted in ever-increasing box office which resulted in this film being the second-most successful in the franchise. It was followed up by Ape World Apocalypse.

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