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The Priondragas Syndicate was one of the strongest and most infamous power brokering groups in Louisianne during the time of Prohibition in the NAL-SLC. With strong connections to the Pègre, the Priondragas Syndicate functioned as both police force and crime syndicate in Mizouri and the neighboring départements. At the height of their power every sous-prefect and prefect of Osage was under their directions.

Some of these politicians treated this as a means to an end, while others were bought-and-paid-for partisans of the Priondragas machine.


The story of the Priondragas Syndicate begins with the legal and proper election of Jacques Priondragas to the position of a conseiller municipal for Lyons-sur-Mizouri in an CI (1892). While in this position he often did favors with his political powers and thus gained a great system of grassroots support. This began to take on somewhat shady directions as the years moved onward, but only on the border of ethics. Criminal activity did not begin in earnest until the leadership of Thomas Priondragas and his affiliation with the Pègre.

Principle leadership of the Priondragas Syndicate.

  • Jacques Priondragas Began his work as a conseiller municipal of Lyons-sur-Mizouri, but quickly expanded his reach.1
  • Thomas Priondragas Named to succeed his brother in 1910 (an CXIX), Thomas Priondragas lead the Syndicate to elect virtually every official through much of Osage and some of neighboring Nouvelle Cournouaille and Nouvelle Gaulle.2
  • Seosamh Bearach O'Sionainne O'Sionainne was a one time rival of Jacques Priondragas. When Jacques stepped down 1910 (an CXIX) Thomas was able to win over O'Sionainne.3

The Years of "Chef Tom" and "Chef Joe"

During their years Thomas Priondragas and Seosamh "Joe" Sionainne often lead their factions of the Priondragas Syndicate as if they were separate or rival gangs. They did collaborate, and it was through their influence and the spread of their organization that they were able to infiltrate and effectively control the political scene of Osage.

Leaders Elected

The following are the leaders that have been verified to have been elected under the Priondragas Syndicate's auspices from an CXXXVIII to an CLIV (1929-1945).

Prefects of Osage

  • Jacques Bavouzet
  • Grys Siret
  • Samuel Aaron Boulanger


  • Jacques Bavouzet, Aurillac
  • Homer Gancel, Aurillac
  • Grys Siret, Mizouri
  • Henri Samuel Truman, Mizouri
  • Albain Brochot, Mizouri
  • Theirry Pannetier, Mizouri
  • Bénézet Pacaud, Terre Platte
  • Frery Gauthey, Terre Platte
  • Evrard Blondel, Paris-sur-Mizouri
  • Yvain Coquard, Paris-sur-Mizouri
  • Clément Girardot, Garonne Neuve
  • Fraser Buisson, Garonne Neuve
  • Sacheverell Lapalus, Omara


The downfall of the Syndicate came largely with the end of Prohibition, however it was the murder of Turlough ó Duinn4 that brought government action against them, lead by Henri Samuel Truman during his term as Prefect of Osage.