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The Democratic Socialist Party is a political faction within the North American League that dates to the middle of the 19th Century. Initially, it was viewed with profound suspicion, so that Parliament actually passed the Sedition Act of 1874 more-or-less as a means of trying to control the League's Socialist Movement (then limited mostly to local parties in places like Castreleon New and Pennsylvaania. The assassination of General Moderator McClellan in New Amsterdam was blamed on Socialists, which in turn helped spark the near civil war that was the Crisis of 1875. At this time, the various Socialist groups (generally called "clubs") were seen as primarily as defenders of organized labor.

Leo Rosenberg changed much of that equation. This brilliant and intensely popular figure was instrumental in creating the first Socialist Party proper within the NAL. Upon its ticket he was elected to Parliament and the Lord Mayor-ship of New Amsterdam. By the end of his life, the party he helped found was a true national party (albeit very much a minority one). In particular, he was responsible for linking Socialism and Ecotopism, which has been a hallmark of the American Socialist (changed in 1950 to Democratic Socialist) Party. For this reason the party has tended to be stronger in Native Provinces such as Cherokee Nation and Miami. A key element of the Socialists' rise was the existence of "muckraker" journalists such as Ýstin Molineir who spread the word of low industrial standards.

Most recently, the Democratic Socialists were part of the Al Gore's coaltion, although in the General Election of 2006 a new coaltion was formed without their participation. Victoria Lynch changed her membership from the DSP to the CLs (Covenant Loyalist). On the other hand, following her defeat in the same election, Hannah Coultier has publically switched from Whig to the DSP.

The DCs also are closely allied with the North American Association for Environmental Protection (the NAAEP) which is the League's premier Ecotopic organization.