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The Turkic Wolves are an adult uniformed organisation in Turkestan, closely associated with the Wolf Brotherhood political party.

The Wolves are putatively dedicated to humanitarian and charitable work, though many commentators have labeled them a "dangerous paramilitary group" or a "front for criminal activities by the Wolf Brotherhood".

Founded by the Wolf Brotherhood in 1993 they were headed by Yörük Gayrat-ulı until the murder of Şapar Aqniät-ulı, at which time Yörük Gayrat-ulı resigned from the leadership of the Turkic Wolves to become the leader of the Wolf Brotherhood itself. The Turkic Wolves themselves deny any accusations of wrongdoing, and compare themselves with organisations such as the Junior Foresters and Boy's Legion. The only difference, they say, is that the Wolves are an adult organisation. It is the uniforms that make people suspicious, claim the Turkic Wolves' organisers; the actual scope of the activities is admirable.

Certainly, uniformed Turkic Wolves are known to volunteer in numbers whenever there is an earthquake or other natural disaster needing able-bodied help. The Turkic Wolves also have their own programs to feed the homeless and the hungry in several Turkestani cities; these are almost always separate from the programs organised by Assyrian monks and other religious groups.

However, the Turkic Wolves are very secretive about what else they get up to, and this leads to the inevitable questions and suspicion on the part of many, particularly given the radical politics of their founders.

The Turkic Wolves do have a youth wing, the so-called Strong Wolf-Cubs, featuring various "character-building" outward-bound-type activities and Turkic cultural activities, albeit with a pan-Turkist ideological twist not found in other groups.

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