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Tully I is the current reigning Grand Duke of Grand Fenwick. Affectionately known to his countrymen as "Tully Junior", he was born to Grand Duchess Glorianna XII and Consort Tully Bascomb on 17 April, 1958. He ascended the throne on 10 October, 2007. He was educated in his youth at Grand Fenwick School, and in London during college, where he met his wife, Wilhelmina von Papen, whom he has one child with, Katarina Evangline.

Tully I recently ended a tour of Europe, visiting Andorra, Jervaine, Helvetia, Cambria, Italy, Romania. and the RTC. He spent the majority of his time in Andorra visiting the Bonaparts, close family freinds of the Fenwicks, and the RTC (Tully I is fluent in Venedic), talking with various diplomats over several issues, including South Florida. It is well known in Grand Fenwick that the Royal Family has a deep interest in South Florida.

Tully I is also the current head of the Small States Games of Europe Council.

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