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Tibor Ionescu (born 1950) is a prominent political leader in Oltenia. A native of Râmnicu Vâlcea, his was a prominent military family related distantly to the first Lord Protector Viktor Ionescu. He joined the Oltenian Air Corps at age twenty, then left after one tour of service to attend law school. Unable to find very much work as an attorney, he worked instead as a history teacher. In 1976 he married and had three children. In 1989 the Princely Restoration saw the establishment of new political parties as the White Regency collapsed. Ionescu, by then a Dean in his university, joined the fledgeling Socialist Union and was soon elected to the Forum of Delegates.

In 1998, Ionescu was chosen as President of the Socialist Union's Central Committee. In the year 2000 elections resulted in a coalition government between the Socialists and the Voivode Paries, with Ionescu as Chancellor. A new election in 2003 resulted in a slender (two votes) Socialist majority.

Ionescu's policies have been left-of-center but generally moderate. He has advocated higher taxes of the wealthiest segments of society and expansion of social programs. He is known to be an admirer of Communism and to keep a portrait of Vladimir Lenin in his office. Although it is said he and Prince Igor are personally friendly, Ionescu does favor abolition of the Principality in favor of a Republic. In 2005 he admitted to being an atheist.

Preceded by:
Eugenio Sturdza
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Chancellor of Oltenia
Succeeded by:
(currently in office)
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