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Jaunge Blone is the central character in a series of successful books and films, a Jervan secret Agent who gallivants across the world, Beretta pistol in one hand, and beautiful woman on the other. He loves stirred, not shaken martinis and has worked with other spies from various nations at one point or another. The films themselves have proven an extremely popular export.

The Series

Blone's adventures in some ways parallel those of the Tejano character Jose Timon. Both deal with dashing, womanizing secret agents who protect the world from nefarious plots amid a series of elaborate fight scenes and chases, along with escapes from various death-traps.

The two series are quite different in feel and scope, however. Blone's adventures are much less bloody, and operate on a broader scale. Likewise Blone's films have much bigger budgets, hence more elaborate special effects. His treatment of women can be ruthless, but are much more likely to be a matter of fun between consenting adults.

One of the most prominent antagonists of the series is Siv Azan, the mysterious (and rather Sax Romaine-ish) head of an international organization called the Brotherhood of Order, which seeks to take over the world. Its typical plots involve brainwashing and/or replacement of prominent officials, or the invention/theft of super weapons (death rays, weather control, etc.). Azan himself is portrayed as a genius confined in a wheelchair with a love of orchids. He usually is surrounded by exotic henchmen and/or femme fatales. A meme within the series is Azan's constant escape from what should be certain death and the increasingly exotic nature of his secret lairs (such as the palatial interior of an artificial iceberg).

Blone's immediate superior is known simply as "X".

Casino Reqal

(The following is a plot synopsis of the lates Jaunge Blone motion picture.)

High King Vaendine II personally briefed Jaunge on his next mission. Trouble has has been stirring up in the Balkans. Kyrios Paul II was recently nearly assassinated, the weapon a pre GWI Hungarian fighting knife. Hungary is blamed, except for when Hungarian Prime Minister Sándor Sobri was assassinated. The murder weapon, a custom designed bullet made by the Bohemian gun company, Ti Ersti Prynäri Mašinverki. Each time Jaunge is one step behind the assassin. In a Bohemian hotel however, by an intricate bomb triggered by the weight of Jaunge laying on the bed. His savior, a masked figure who jumps through the window to karate kick him away from the bed. He subdues her and rips off the assassin's mask. It's a beautiful woman who tells him who she is and that the man behind the assassinations and attempts is none other then Aestoule (Aristotélēs) Blofeldaen. He is half Greek-half-Jovan. He was a former Greek intelligence officer and was fully against Greece siding with Germany. Angry the foreign Oldenburgs had sided with him, he vowed to destroy the bloodline anyway he could. Now he resurfaced after thirty three years in a Siamese prison. James messages his superior, X who looks up that the Siamese prison records state he said he left for Russia more specifically, a castle near Saratov. Heading to Russia he finds the castle, only to be attacked by a gang of SNORists. Then the woman he had met and had relations with the night of his near-death, walks from the shadows teary-eyed with a bludgeon. She bashes him on the head with it. He wakes up strapped to some sort of table in what looks like a laboratory. Who he sees is the woman he had briefly been with, and a sickly looking Siv Azan. He reveals yes Aestoule (Aristotélēs) Blofeldaen was here, but he killed him for this place and sent Natasha, Jaunge's tryst was working for him and was sent to lure him to the castle when he heard word from corrupt Jovan intelligence agents that High King Vaendine II sent out an agent. His newest way of world domination, an army or mutated super-soldiers that will use the destroy everything in site tactic till the League of Nations capitulates their power so he can become Arch-Emperor of the world. Did he mention Jaunge would be the first man tested? Natasha could take it no longer. While Siv ranted on about his plans, she secretly untied him. Then shouting "Forgive Me my Love!!!" she jumped up yo destroy the various chemicals. At the last second, Siv presses a self-destruct button, the castle will explode in less then minutes. Natasha drags Jaunge into a similar pod Siv escaped him, and presses eject. At the last few seconds, he sees Natasha blowing him a kiss, then the explosion ripped through the serene Russian countryside. "This time, Siv it's personal" was all Jaunge said as the pod flew to a safe landing zone in Moscow. The movie release is expected in July, 2008. It will feature Daniel Kraig and Mike Meyers.

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