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I'd expect fast food to have some real differences *there*, since *here* fast food in its early days was strongly tied to southern California culture. Benkarnell

Feel free to add stuff. That is what the Invite thingee is all about. <g> Zahir 20:12, 14 November 2008 (UTC)
Personnaly, I prefer the whole "cinema-foodplace" angle. It seem to me that in IB, a more conservative and laid back place (they like airships after all), there wouldn't be the same need for a quick-serve place.--Marc Pasquin 20:43, 14 November 2008 (UTC)
Agree wholeheartedly. Except for equating airships with being "laid-back". Sure they don't go as fast as jets, but neither are they slow. And neither do they explode as readily. ;) I would suspect that IB's airships can exceed 100mph (even *here*, modern airships can be pretty speedy and we've had a long lag in technological advancement). As for the whole idea of crossing "fast food" (note the word "fast", i.e., get it quick, get your food even quicker and get out in a flash) with "motion pictures", which take at least two hours to watch! The ironisation is just so IB.
I've actually been to a place just as you guys are describing. You go in with a movie ticket in hand, pick a table, order your food (typical fast food items like pizza, burgers, chickenstyx, etc.) and enjoy the show. Adding to the movies a selection of television channels I think would be a natural.
Qustion: in the US it's considered very rude to talk or make much more noise than laughing or screaming with the action. "Silence is golden" after all! If it's fairly commonplace for smaller theaters to exist in IB that are really restaurants, and even some with regular television, is there even a tabu against talk in these fast-food theatres? Movie theatres in general?
Another question: are any of these fast-food-theatre joints drive-ins? It seems that, given that IB's people are a little more laid back than *here*, might it be the case that folks are still pretty keen on enjoying their Pizza Queen dinner while comfortably ensconced in the car while watching a recent motion picture? Elemtilas 22:13, 14 November 2008 (UTC)
Seems to me "fast" is a relative term. In *our* world, fast implies a meal that can be ordered and then given to the customer in probably less than three minutes or so. IB's fast food eateries probably have something a little more leisurely in mind, but still quick enough to be a godsend for folks going on trips or with a half-hour for lunch.
For a little while there were indeed cinema eateries such as described here. They didn't make it, alas, but I remember them with great fondness. At such a locale I first saw The Stunt Man and literally fell on the floor laughing at Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl.
I imagine IB has drive-ins. Yeah.
As far as good manners are concerned, I imagine the rules are a tad more relaxed at a dinner cinema. Zahir 23:48, 14 November 2008 (UTC)
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