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Marc Pasquin
Nicknames: Marc Pasquin (the name I use online)
Email: marcpasquinREMOVE THESE CAPITAL [email protected]
 Date: 1975
 Place: Either Montreal or Greenfield Park (my birth certificates don't agree), Québec, Canada
Place of residence: Sydney, Australia
Current Job: Concierge
Former Jobs: Security officer, rugs salesman, carny, cook, pupeteer, haunted house actor, inventory taker, ranger, website designer, cashier, factory worker.
Languages spoken:
Joual,French, English. If desperate enough, I can fake a bit of spanish

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None in particular, I get one every few months.

IB Related Infos: No. 19 on The List
Areas of Interest: New Francy,
Contribution to IB:
A few flags, logos, propaganda poster, character portraits et various other images.
Anti-Spam League Rosette.

Marc Pasquin is an honourary member of the Anti-Spam League and was recently awarded the Loquacious Trapezoid of Devotion.

To-do List

  • fix the inscription on the FNLS emblem so it read 'Slvanja Líbra' (must note the accent on the 'i'!), or 'Slvanja Líbrata' if that fits better.
  • finish portraits of SNORist leader for Jan.
  • try to remember what else I was supposed to do and for whom.
  • Jean-Michel Darguence picture. YAY!
  • Review proposal regarding LoNE here.
  • A movie poster picture for Invasion of the Zmorite Horde?
  • Write Article on Borgne-Hardi if so inclined (the source material's hidden).
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