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Nicodim Popescu
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Title: President of Romania
Predecessor: Bela Negru
Successor: Incumbent
Birth: April 12, 1950
Profession: History professor, writer, politician
Political Party: Christian Alliance
Relgious Affiliation: Romanian Orthodox

Nicodim Popescu (born 1950) is a Muntenian politician of an old boyar family. His late brother was a famous naval officer and his nephew is the husband of Queen Elena I's sister, Princess Sofia. Prior to the fall of the SNOR, Nicodim was a history teacher in a small college. Afterwards, he entered politics. He himself is a high-ranking member of the right-wing Christian Alliance Party, and has been instrumental in maintaining a de facto coalition between them and the Unity Party.

In July, 2009 he was elected President of the Romanian Federation following a long, drawn-out session of the Federal Council. He apparently received the endorsement of the underage King of Moldova, Aurel II. Rumors persist that he favors a marriage between Aurel and Muntenia's Crown Princess. He is known to have contacts with the Pavelist Movement as well as being an avowed PanRomanian.

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