Bela Negru

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Bela Negru
Bela Negru.jpg
Title: President of Romania
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Nicodim Popescu
Birth: August 4, 1961
Profession: Attorney, Law professor, Judge, politician
Political Party: National Liberal
Relgious Affiliation: Romanian Orthodox

Bela Olegnescu Negru (born 1961) is a Moldovan judge and politician who has served as President of the Romanian Federation since 2004. While generally respected for his even-handedness and honesty, some within his native Kingdom and the Federation as a whole look askance at the fact his grandmother was Hungarian.

Although raised an atheist, Bela Negru (nee Erescu) converted to his Church in his late twenties, soon after accepting a position as a law professor. His father died when the boy was four, his mother marrying again five years later. Negru was picked by the National Liberals to run for office as part of a "new slate" following the corruption of the SNOR years. Despite this, he has remained somewhat of a maverick. His personal charisma is making speeches and the popularity of two books led him to becoming a candidate for the presidency in 2004.

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