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edit '"NAL Today", 2006 07 13'

Today the International Battlegame Association declared that the 11th North American Battlegame Championship which will happen this autumn will take place in Chicago, NAL. This city was chosen to host the championship over its main competitors Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne and San Francisco, Montrei.

This news started celebrations in Chicago. The American battlegame fans still remember that the previous time when the North American championship was hosted in NAL (in the year 1991) the national team of the League won the title. The battlegame experts however are not very keen on promising NAL an easy victory this time. The American bookmakers value the chances of NAL to become the North American battlegame champions for the sixth time at 1:4.

Many American fans are more optimistic however. "The time has came for us, we are strong as never and we are going to beat those francophones" - these and similar sentences were repeated by many interviewed people at the bars of Chicago.

NAL team will be in a single group with Louisianne which raised concerns among the IBA leadership that the riots that happened in 1991 might be repeated. The leader of the Chicago police however ensured that all the necessary measures will be taken to protect the fans - both local ones and foreigners. The proffessional plan of keeping the stadia and the city secure was reportedly one of the main reasons why IBA chose Chicago to host the championship.

The 8 teams that have qualified to take part in the championship will be divided into two groups as follows:

Group I:

Group IJ:

The best four teams will advance to the seminifinals and will receive the right to participate in the 11th World Battlegame Championship which will be held in 2008 at a place to be determined later.[AŽ]  Read More...

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