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Political parties registered at the national level of Italian government.


Liberal Democratic Union

The Liberal Democratic Union (Unione Liberalle Democratica or Unione Democratica Liberalle), or ULD (or UDL), is a moderate left-wing party. The ULD has repeatedly won the chancellorship of Italy since the end of the Second Great War, with only minor interruptions. The current Chancellor, Liliana Spada of Tuscany, has been in power since 1997, and the ULD has promised to support her when she runs again in 2009, despite rumors that Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonia Guelph might contest the election.

Democratic Left

The Democratic Left (Sinistro Democratico), or SD, is a slightly more radical left-wing party. The SD candidate in the 2005 elections came in a remarkable third, something unheard of in recent years. The ULD usually achieves significantly more of the vote than the SD, for there are not many radical differences in policy between the two, but the 2005 election saw a large disagreement on the subject of Princess Luisa II's stated intent that Italy reach space in the near future, with the ULD in favor and the SD rejecting the notion as impractical.

Monarchist Party

The Monarchist Party (Partito Monarchico), or PM, is a prominent moderate right-wing party. The PM has been second to the ULD in elections for many years. The two parties find themselves on opposite sides of many issues, including the the recent push for space. The PM candidate in the 2005 chancellorship elections received more than 20% of the vote, but still the lowest percentage in many years.

Italian Popular Party

The Italian Popular Party (Partito Popolare Italiano), or PPI, is a populist party which was strong after the Second Great War, but has since begun to fade. The last PPI chancellor was Luco Navolese, elected in 1973. The PPI has long been famous (or perhaps, infamous) for the strong rhetoric of its leaders, especially in opposition to the remnant of the Popular Front.

Communist Refoundation

The Communist Refoundation (Refundazione Communista), or RC, is a communist party. The RC has been present in Italy since the beginning of the nation, but has rarely gained much power. They often ally themselves with the PPI, and when a weak RC candidate is fielded for an election, many RC voters will support the PPI.

Christian Socialist Movement

The Christian Socialist Movement (Movimento Socialisto Cristiano), or MSC, is a center party. The MSC takes a more conservative view on some social issues, such as gay rights and abortion, but has a more liberal outlook on such things as healthcare and education.

Federalist Italy

Federalist Italy (Italia Federalista), or IF, is a right-leaning center party. IF's primary concern is the increased (or at least equal) federalization of the Italian states. It is exceedingly concerned by recent polling data which reported that 41% of Italians would support their home state if it were to separate from Italy.

Confederalist Union

The Confederalist Union (Unione Confederalista), or UC, is a left-leaning center party. The UC is in many ways the opposite of IF, conceerned that the central government has too much power, and seeking to remedy that. The same polling data that is worrying IF is also worrying the UC, because it reports that only just over half (54% of Italians can recognize more than three state-level politicians from their home state.

Green List

The Green List (Lista Verde), or LV, is the Italian ecotopic party. The LV is highly concerned about environmental issues. Their member of the Chamber of Deputees, Lucca Amario of Modena, has been lobbying for Italy to adopt Tesla Generators as its primary power source for many years, although the ULD regards the idea as impractical.

Radical Party

The Radical Party (Partito Radicalle), or PR, is a neocapitalist party. The PR has seen very little success in accomplishing the aims of neocapitalism, however, and has encountered especially strong opposition to privatizing education. The PR often finds itself in opposition to IF and the UC, both of which view neocapitalism as antithetical to their aims.

Popular Front

The Popular Front (Facciata Popolare), or FP, is a right-wing nationalist party. The FP was founded by Benito Mussolini before the First Great War. The FP is extremely nationalist and federalist, and in this respect can work well with the IF. It is also extremely militant, and has on occaision forced police to break up its rallies.

Italian Socialists

The Italian Socialists (Socialisti Italiani), or IS, are another communist party, but they have faded significantly from their noble beginnings. The IS have held onto older socialist values, trying to bring about the ideal of equality that communism was based on. Most people regard them as a relic.

Christian Democratic Union

The Christian Democratic Union (Unione Cristiana Democratica), or UCD, is a left-leaning center party. The UCD takes similar positions to the MSC on many issues, but often goes further than the MSC normally does. A notable difference between the two is the UCD's support of Princess Luisa II's stated aim to take Italy into space.

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